Reasons To Buy A Ready To Move Property

Investing money in a property is a major decision in life. One of the essential things, when you decide to buy a property, is to consider whether to buy it in a pre-launch or ready to occupy. There are many advantages of the purchase of a ready to move properties like Corals at Keppel Bay, one of them is that you start your EMI’s for a house and not some under construction building. That means that you are repaying your loan value immediately and the interest on loan amount starts decreasing. The reason for people going in for under construction houses is that you can get lower interest rates on them as per surveys conducted by But there are many risks financially and otherwise when you opt for such properties.

Reasons, why you should opt for ready to move in properties, are below:

You can analyze the value of the property
The real worth of anything can be realized only by its finished product. With under construction or pre-launch offers the plan and layout are only on paper, the final product may look different from what was proposed. That is not the case when it comes to buying a finished building; you can quickly estimate the value of the property before you buy. You can look at the facilities, check out the neighborhood and take a walk around the property.

Rent or start living immediately
If you are looking to rent it out or want to live in it yourself, it makes great sense to invest in such ready to move buildings. If you are letting it out, then you get the rent instantly without waiting for project completion. Some buildings come with a rental agreement, this is one of the best reasons to consider buying completed houses.
If in case you are planning to live in that house, you start your EMI’s quickly, and the principal and the loan amount starts reducing.

Know what you are paying for
Many builders conduct virtual tours of their properties which are a great way to know about the property, but it’s not as satisfying as seeing the apartments with your eyes. You are deciding on buying or not based on the actuals and not on promises made by builders. The other important thing is that if you are indeed keen on buying this property, you can also ask the builder to make changes if any before you move in.

No Pre-EMI
If the property you are investing is on loan, ready to go apartments will help you as you will not have to pay any EMI’s before you move on it. Another advantage of swift move property is that you will not have the burden of paying rent for the house you are currently living in as well as pay EMI’s for the house which is still not built.

While you are looking to buy a property which is fully constructed, you can get to know what kind of neighbors are around and be able to decide if you want to be around them or not. All in all, a ready to move property will be a right choice.

Advantages Of Living In A Condo

Living In A Condo

Condominiums are being constructed in large numbers around the city owing to the increased demand among families. People find it easier to move into a condo than waiting for a long time for house construction. Have a look at Parc Life Facebook to see what are the excellent amenities offered in a condominium. Young families find condos convenient because of the easy access to schools and business centers. Old couples find them as an excellent place for retirement mainly because of the beautiful surroundings they offer.

According to, buying a condo has got real estate benefits also. If you have a plan to buy a condo which is not yet finalized due to some doubts, this article is going to give you strong reasons regarding why you must go ahead with your plan!

Purchasing a home in an unfamiliar area has huge risk associated with it when it comes to safety. But condos stand apart here! Most of the condo developers give priority to the dweller’s safety and would do all the needful to ensure security in their property. So, no matter whether you are a young family or an elderly couple, you would be safe in a condo provided by a reliable developer.

Ease of access
Transportation and ease of access are something which everybody looks for while searching for a place to stay. Schools, work places, commercial areas, and malls should be at easily accessible locations from the place of stay. Good condos satisfy these criteria and make life in them enjoyable and easy for you.

Less maintenance responsibility
Cleaning the backyard, taking care of the garden, painting the exteriors, etc. are some of the hassles that you would not have to worry at all if you choose a condo. You would have to pay maintenance fees, but it won’t be big burden considering the huge responsibility of finding the right workers and getting these tasks done by them if you were owning a house. While living in a condo, just pay the maintenance fee, and you do not have to worry about how things get done!

Excellent amenities
These are one of the best perks of living in a combo. Paying the association fees gives you access to a lot of shared amenities such as swimming pools, gym, park, etc. So, you do not have to look for other places to enjoy the benefits of such amenities. You have everything available under a single roof!

Awesome surroundings
There are excellent condos which would have all the plus points of a city life and at the same time provide you with excellent surrounding including greenery and a lot of open space. They would have all that you need to relax after hectic hours at work. A good combo would have features to suit the interests of elders and kids alike. So, you do not have to worry about their entertainment and well-being separately.

So, why to delay further? You have excellent options around you. Explore them, study the reviews and go ahead with the one which is most appealing! Happy living!

Wondering Whether To Invest In Real Estate Or Not? You Must Read This!

Real estate is an investment sector which is in common demand. ‘Many are doing it’ may not be a valid reason enough to convince you to invest your hard-earned money in real estate. Being a little cautious before an investment is the right thing to do! This article is meant to clear your doubts and to affirm you that real estate is worth a try!

Getting started is very easy!
You do not have to be an expert to start an investment in real estate. Suppose you bought a property like the Victoria Park Villas for you to live and if its value is increasing so fast that people are approaching you for double the price within a very short time, won’t you consider selling it? This is ‘simple real estate’ which does not require huge pre-planning. According to, most of the leaders in the real estate field started off in a simple manner like this. When they came to know about the merits, they continued to use this area to make a fortune.

Every investment comes with risks. Success lies in researching different options and making the right investment at the right time. Many people invest in stock market thinking that it is better than real estate. Shares may be better considering the growth of capital, but the risk associated with it is very large. The difference in returns and capital is what measures the risks and it varies greatly in case of shares. Real estate never has such big variations and is therefore considered less risky by many experts.

No brainstorming data and figures
Stock market investment cannot be done without proper education. The system works in a complex manner, and you must immerse your head in the complexities before you can generate the slightest income out of it. Continuous research about companies, learning annual reports, etc. is a must to make a profit from shares. Real estate does not require such intense works! It does not mean that real estate can be done with little research. Of course, it requires research and planning; but it is much easy compared to stock market. Real estate research can be done easily with a plenty of online resources.

Abundant and easy finance options
Getting a loan for a residential property is easy and quick. Most of the financial institutions provide home loans easily. Residential property loans get a high proportion of the property value at reasonable interest rates.

Long term benefits
If an increase in capital, in the long run, is your financial goal, then real estate is the best platform for you. Study about the market and understand the trend and dynamics before investing your money. If you have invested in a property wisely, then it is sure to give you returns in the future. This does not mean that there are no short terms benefits at all. There are some properties where rental income counterbalances the buying cost within a short time.

Summing it up, real estate is full of opportunities. You just have to analyze your requirement and make the investment wisely!

8 Tips To Help You Buy A Good Property

Looking for a suitable villa or a place you can call home? The Great Property Sale Facebook has received applause on for the variety of options and homes for sale. It is crucial to find the best location of your new plot for convenience and to facilitate long-term growth. Take help from these pointers that will help you finalize the right location.

Set a budget
When you have a budget in mind, it simplifies the ordeal of choosing the location or areas. Set up a meeting with a mortgage broker and discuss your budget and other plans with them.

Narrow your choices
When you have set a limit on the budget, you can shortlist locations or suburbs that fall within the price bracket. Get in touch with property agents in an area and find out the types of properties you can buy with the specified budget. If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask them which other suburbs offer the particular type of building that you have in mind.

Take a map of the suburb
If you have set your eyes on a particular locality, visit an estate agent’s office with a local map of the area. They will help you identify the different places in the area in the order of their popularity. The areas or ‘pockets’ least thought of will have a higher property value in the future. If you are looking for quick investment and capital growth, you can opt for the better pocket first.

Know thy neighbor
If you visit your preferred suburb and find that there are no properties for sale within your budget, you can explore the neighboring areas or localities. You have plenty of chances to find the asset that conforms to the budget.

Identify infrastructure trends
Keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in your city. If you come across an article that highlights the infrastructure in a location or you read about an inauguration of a tech park in the outskirts, stay alert. It is a sure sign of an upcoming ‘hotspot’ close by which guarantees you capital returns.

Consider lifestyle amenities
If you observe the trend, you will see that areas that have variety regarding entertainment and basic facilities are the most sought after by buyers. Before buying a piece of land or property in an area, people look for amenities like a family park, jogging track, malls and community villages.

Learn about the ambiance
Who doesn’t want good neighbors? When you are exploring a new locality, make it a point to ask the estate agent details like the environment that prevails in the area. Is it too noisy or are there sufficient amenities required for daily life? When you visit the local park, observe the people who visit the place. Are there families and kids or do you see college-goers and loners throng the place?

Transportation facility
One of the most important factors that should feature on every buyer’s list is the availability of transportation. If you have zeroed in on an outskirt, but you see only a handful of buses plying every five hours, you might have to skip this one. A good suburb should be well connected by road so you can independently travel at your own convenience.

Buying A Property – Things You Should Check Before Buying

buying a house

Purchasing a house is an important milestone in everyone’s life. You might decide to buy after looking at umpteen properties or make your decision after visiting a Great Property Sale; it is a decision which will change your life one way or the other. When buying a property, you sometimes get so attracted to it that you want to block the property as soon as possible, but there are certain things about the property that you should check before finalizing says experts are


Once you have liked a property, the first thing you need ask for all the legal documents about the property. The list is as below

Title Deed:

This document proves that the property belongs to the builder, verifying this is important as the developer should not be building if the title does not belong to the developer and there can be legal issues if the rightful owner stakes a claim on this property.

Release certificate:

This is not applicable for a new property, but if you are buying a home or land on resale then this document proves that all the loan dues are repaid.

Encumbrance certificate:

This document has to be verified to know if the land does not have any legal dues.


Make sure you get approval certificates from local corporations and development organizations for the layout your property is located.

Property tax bills:

If buying on resale ask for property tax receipts of previous years from the seller to ensure there are no dues.

Plan consent:

Ensure that your building plan is approved by civic bodies in your city and is being built in a land-use area.

Occupancy Certificate:

This document is needed to prove that the property has complied with all the regulations and has all the permissions required for building the property.

Finance from Banks:

There are a lot of real estate projects which are on hold due to lack of funds, and there are many projects which have too many unsold flats\apartments. As a result of this, not all projects get bank loan approvals. As soon as you have verified all the property papers, the next thing is to find out the list of banks which are offering loans and that too at the lowest possible rates.

The reputation of the builder:

It is advised to research on the reputation of the developer before buying property. You should find how many projects were executed earlier and all about the ongoing projects and what stage they are in currently. Queries can be posted on forums for real estates, check the builder’s website or speak to people who are staying in the properties already built by the developer. Search online you will find a lot of information on the builder and the projects.

Verify the plan:

The building plan mentioned in brochures and what is being built in reality can be different. Before booking the property, visit the site and check if it is made according to the plan. Also look around for the neighborhood, speak to people in that area to know if there is any legal issues or any other matters related to the builder or the property.

Advantages Of Buying Pre-Constructed Condo

When you have made up your mind to buy a condo, then the best choice would be to buy pre-construction condos like the Miami Real Estate Trends. states that if you are a beach lover, then you can buy a condo facing the beach which is fully furnished and ready to make a move. You will never regret the decision you take as it will make you feel that it is worth the money and time you have spent on it. There are plenty of opportunities in buying a condo so investors can go ahead in buying a project which you can either have as a home or second home or as an investment property.

The reason why people buy pre-construction houses is that they wish to freeze the price of the property. Once you do construction, it will take approximately two years to complete the project from the time of sales. This is why you can see huge sales of pre-constructed houses in recent times.

Buying a house when a project originates is a great benefit when you have the desire to buy a pre constructed house. If you buy the house in the first few weeks of the launch, then you can get the lowest price. To understand the concept much better you should first understand the strategies followers by the developers and the selling team. There are four stages of pricing increase. The rule of thumb is that when the sales team realize there is a scope for the condo or house and houses gets sold to a particular extent, than the price starts to increase. For example, if there are 25% of residents then the initial increase in price happens. Whenever a price increase happens, it rises to 15%. This is the reason you should make use of early bird offers to get the worm you have been looking for to freeze the low price.

Every condo building may look unique, and it may face different directions. Few project may face the pool, few may be facing the sun, and few balconies can see the sunset. You can also choose balconies which have partial water views. When you avail the early bird offer, then you will get the luxury of buying the house based on your preference. Many residents keep an eye for more light inside the house, and that is why they choose high floors.

When you buy a new condo, it means that you are investing your money in latest designs and new technologies. Buying old buildings which are built before 10 years will show normal wear and tear. The greatest advantage of investing in pre-constructed houses is that you will be the first owner and you will be the first to live in the condo. As an add-on, you will have new construction finishes in your residence. The latest trend would be to have Italian style kitchens, appliances made of stainless steel, bathroom vanities, marble flooring which has become a common trend in newer constructions.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Condo

Many people wish to purchase an excellent condominium (condo) to spend their money wisely. According to experts from Le Quest, many condo buyers don’t seem to be clear on how to go about it. Don’t get carried away and choose a condo without doing proper reference check regarding the location, safety, proximity, facilities and affordability. For more tips, buyers can also browse to get an idea regarding the latest trend in the condominium.

We as people technically, do the preliminary inspection of the appearance of the condo. Most people check the backyard and the front yard, the cleanliness of the toilet, the condition of the kitchen and the number of the rooms. That’s virtually a smart consideration of the condo you might be planning to purchase however you need to look for details and examine before purchasing the condo.

Plan your budget

Deciding how much to spend on the new home relies heavily on your other bills and income. It’s best to sit down and consider the other bills, and the overall budget, before purchasing a condo. Apart from the mortgage costs, you have to consider the utilities, entertainment, etc. A popular trend in condos nowadays is green buildings.

Other factors to consider

Among these factors, the first one to look out for is the location. Choose the location wisely. It has to be accessible to school, bank, hospital and shopping malls. Do make a visit to the place and check if some buildings and outlets would render you comfort. Location is an important factor to look for while choosing a condo. The convenience and proximity for the whole family should be kept in mind while choosing the location of the condo.

The second factor is to do the second inspection of the location. Ensure that the location is the predominant factor to remember in shopping a condo. Your protection will also depend on your location so do not just consider your alleviation and convenience but by no means omit about your safeguard. You may also ask the actual property agent about the crime rate of the place so you can be cautious.

Thirdly, you ought to comprehend the history of the region. Your neighbors will be the men and women that you’re going to be dealing with every day of your life. Check if the neighbors are fine and also make an enquiry regarding pets. If you don’t like pets, then you definitely ought to think whether you would be able to live if pets are around.

The aspect of your personal preference is the fourth factor; your condo should reflect your style and personality. Check the interior of the condo; it should look pleasant and appealing. Do a quick research, and visit more than five condos in the location pick the condo that you are comfortable with, before finalizing your dream house.

These are some points to be kept in mind before choosing a condo. We find the modern age getting inclined towards condos due to the many benefits they offer. Condos are a dream come true for modern age living due to its affordability and convenience they offer.

The Trends And Benefits In Buying Hardwood Doors

What started out as a means to keep the elements out and possessions safe have become integral in creating a certain elevation style. Doors have evolved a lot through history, but the basics have remained the same, with many people preferring oak door over any other type of hardwood door these day. Though people are still wary of purchasing Oak Doors in the UK online store, there has been a certain growth in the sector.

This could be because online stores are able to source more styles and sizes from different locations for the customer than a typical showroom. AS such, they will always be able to offer the trendiest styles, which is important if the client is looking to update the façade of their house.

Keeping with the overall theme of the house’s build and other features is important when selecting a door, states Whether going for a modern or traditional look, there will always exist an oak door to perfectly match the design theme of the house. In fact, oak veneers are one of the most popular finishings for doors. One of the reasons for oak’s continued popularity has been its sturdiness and its aesthetic value.


The natural grainy beauty of timber adds a touch of warmth to the home. Additionally, its rather flexible nature and comparative affordability as a manufacturing material are also contributing factors to oak’s popularity. There are several well-known and appreciated types of oak doors for interior and exterior use that have stood against the test of time that can be used to spruce up the house.

The UK is blessed with uncountable properties from the Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian eras. Whether a period property is undergoing a renovation or you simply want to recreate the vintage look for your new home, choosing a traditional-looking oak door can help achieve an authentic look. Four or six-paneled raised panel doors are always a great option. They imbibe a timeless, classical look that never goes out of date. They can also be seamlessly incorporated in to modern properties for an interesting contrast.

Boarded oak veneered doors and glazed doors can be used inside the house and are currently some of the most best-selling designs. These doors are perfect for barns and cottages, and more recently becoming popular for new buildings and modern properties too.

In the interior of the house, the kitchen sees the most use of doors in a single space. Using oak shaker panel doors have been gaining more and more popularity in kitchen. The simple, rustic style with recessed panels provides a great flow of material if many of the kitchen surfaces are also made from wood or if you want to contrast the look of a country kitchen with stainless steel appliances and worktop.

Many doors are available in different stains and sizes, although bespoke sizes and made-to-measure cabinetry can also be accomplished with the right carpenter at your disposal. While there are certainly hundreds of options available online to choose a good oak door, making the right choice shouldn’t be a stressful task.